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"Creative living is a path for the brave" Elizabeth Gilbert

Life takes courage. Running headlong in to those activities which make us fearful can be both terrifying and exhilarating. In 2013, when our son's had both headed off to college I some how got the crazy idea in my head that I wanted to pursue a second college degree. As a young adult I had completed a degree in electrical engineering because, to be honest, I was deeply concerned about making money and supporting myself. Engineering was not my passion - I don't think I knew anything about what my passion or skills were when I was in my late teens and early 20's. My best friend was pursuing a degree in engineering and it seemed like a good idea at the time. In 2013 I decided I would go back to college to learn all the things that I wished I knew. I studied literature, science, art history and most importantly photography. The students and professors at Clark University were incredibly warm, welcoming and supportive even if I was old enough to be the parent of every other student in class.

Going back to college at the age of fifty six certainly fit the description of "terrifying and exhilarating". I feel so incredibly fortunate to have had that experience. When my professor for my first class handed out the syllabus I nearly ran screaming out of the room. I'm so glad I mustered the courage to keep myself planted in my seat. Pursuing that degree has reshaped the person that I am and has given me the inspiration and courage to dive deeply into a more creative life. I hope that you too, will be inspired to listen to the small still voice that is encouraging you to learn, try, and do something new and creative.

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