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"Gratitude Always, Always Gratitude" Elizabeth Gilbert

I don't need to tell you that 2020 has been a train wreck on so many levels. It's so easy to be discouraged. If you're like me then your family may have been directly affected by COVID-19. We lost a dear family member to this horrifying disease - and yet I still find I have to walk forward with a positive spirit and look forward to a brighter future. Certainly 2020 has taught me to appreciate all the small gifts (hugs, dinners out, casual socializing, movies, walks without masks etc) . In the future I know I will value, cherish and appreciate those small things with a heightened sense of awareness.

I'm a glass half full person. I can't help being this way - having survived serious illness as a child I have viewed every additional day of my life as a gift. Each day is an extra day that I have to cherish and appreciate all the beauty that our planet has to offer. I was blessed to have been taught to have a strong love for the earth, nature and all of creation. My nature photography tries to capture some of the exceptional beauty in all things great and small. I hope you will enjoy seeing the small snap shot of the world through my lens.

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Dec 15, 2020

Always with a painting or a sketch there is the portion of the canvas or paper that you love. Then there is that other quadrant. You know the one. That's when I say, "Why did I do that? It's over worked, inconsistent, ruining the overall..." Then I put it away and when I look at it later it's not that bad... or sometimes it looks even worse. But it's just a canvas or paper... easy to move on, paint over or tear up. And start again--because it's about the creating.

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